We protect cherished memories from your wedding day forever.

You just made a commitment to each other for the rest of your lives. Let ElephantDrive help you preserve and protect the memories you made that day for all the days to come.

Our solutions are purpose-built to deliver secure and reliable archiving of the images, videos, and documents that you can’t replace and that you will always look back to…

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Will ElephantDrive be around in 7 years?

You bet! ElephantDrive was founded in 2006 and is going strong 2024. We are now part of industry leader Cyber Fortress, the world’s most complete cloud backup and recovery solutions provider.

What happens if I delete a file locally?

Locally deleted files are “archived” in the cloud and retained for whatever period you select. You can opt for different archiving rules for each backup job you set up.

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How safe is ElephantDrive?

The same long term storage used in Healthcare, banking and Research facilities. Powered by Amazon’s Glacier Deep Archive storage, designed to provide durable and secure long-term storage. Your files are stored across 3 or more AWS datacenters and can be retrieved in 12 hours or less.

Why use ElephantDrive to protect my wedding photos and videos?

24 hours support

Our expert ElephantDrive support team is accessible 24/7 to help you backup and recover as needed.

quality files

Your files stay whole. We do not lower the quality of anything you upload; we don’t monetize it; we store it safely for decades.

best price package

One simple price for each year of storage. No hidden fees, no access charges.

Ask us anything. We’re here to help.