Protect your critical business data with ElephantDrive

Your documents and files are the lifeblood of your business, and losing them could be catastrophic. 70% of small businesses that experience a data loss go out of business in less than a year.

ElephantDrive provides simple, fast, and affordable offsite data protection for the files you need most. Powered by the powerful and proven Amazon S3 storage platform since 2006.

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Does ElephantDrive protect me against Ransomware?

Yes – you can control how many previous versions of a file are kept – and for how long – on a per backup job basis. For example, you can choose to keep up to 10 version for 30 days, or you could opt for all versions forever.

What happens if an employee deletes a file?

We protect against human error as well as a technology failure. Deleted files are archived in the cloud and retained for whatever period you select. You can opt for different archiving rules for each backup job you set up.

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Can we backup our critical files locally and offsite?

Absolutely. Not only does ElephantDrive run as a service when operating under our Business or Enterprise subscriptions, but ElephantDrive is optimized for integration with most Network Attached Storage devices.

Why use ElephantDrive for business?

24 hours support

Our expert ElephantDrive support team is accessible 24/7 to help you backup and recover as needed.

quality files

Your files stay whole. We do not lower the quality of anything you upload; we don’t monetize it; we store it safely for decades.

best price package

One simple price for each year of storage. No hidden fees, no access charges.

Ask us anything. We’re here to help.